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Stateline Campresort is one of Southern New England’s finest vacation destinations. Our sites are both spacious and scenic, designed to accommodate everything from tents to today’s largest RV’s. Full hookups are available, along with group sites, and both seasonal and monthly site rentals for longer-term stays. Cabin rentals are a popular option for people who do not own their own camping equipment but would like to sample the camping experience. Reservations are highly recommended, with reservation requests easily made online using the form below.

2021 Camping Rates

Stateline Campresort accepts Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

We are a Good Sampark
We are a Good Sam Park
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Site Classifications

Dry Sites

These sites can accommodate 1 tent (or two tents for a small daily fee) and at least one vehicle. Sites have a fire ring and picnic table. No electricity available on the actual site. Electricity and water available at nearby bath house.

Standard Sites

These sites can accommodate 1 tent and/or 1 trailer (an additional tent can be added for a small daily fee) and 1 vehicle. Sites have 20 or 30 amp electric, water, grey water galley, fire ring and picnic table. Dump fee for black water included. No sewer. Water view sites available for a small fee.

Premium Sites

These sites can accommodate 1 tent and/or 1 trailer (an additional tent can be added for a small daily fee) and 1 vehicle. Sites have cable, 30 or 50 amp electric, water, grey water galley, fire ring and picnic table. Dump fee for black water included. No sewer.

Premium Deluxe Sites

These world class sites are our best! They include a BBQ charcoal grill, custom brick fireplace, picnic table, cable, sewer, and 30 or 50 amp electric. Closest sites to pool and main lodge. Limited availability.

Don’t miss our Midweek Special, offered throughout the entire season:
Any standard (W, E & G) site* is only $40.00, Sunday thru Thursday!
* Additional charge for waterfront.
  Off Season
(5/1-6/17 & 9/6-11/1)
excluding MDW & CDW
In Season
Holiday Weekend
3 Night Minimum
Dry Site (Tentsite) $25.00 / $25.00 $30.00 / $25.00 $150.00
Standard Site (W, E & G) $30.00 / $30.00 $40.00 / $50.00 $195.00
Premium Site (W, E, G & C) $40.00 / $40.00 $52.00 / $60.00 $225.00
Premium Deluxe (W, E, S & C) $50.00 / $50.00 $68.00 / $75.00 $300.00

Base rates include 1 camping unit, 1 vehicle and a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children ages 5-17). All children ages 4 and under camp free. All rates include air conditioning usage, use of our dump station, and free wi-fi where available. (Wi-Fi: Due to the rural nature of our property, we cannot guarantee continuous or uninterrupted Internet service. For those requiring constant Internet access, we recommend the use of a personal data card. This is a shared, open system, so please use common courtesy and minimize bandwidth use. Wi-Fi available at Café and Pavilion.) Registered pets are welcome for a daily fee. All pets must have a rabies certificate on file. Additional fees may apply.

Other Charges
May 1, 2021 - November 1, 2021

  Per Night Holiday
Honey Wagon $20.00 one-time fee $60.00 one-time fee
(emergency only)
Additional Tent $5.00 $5.00
Additional Vehicle $5.00 $5.00
Pets $5.00 $10.00
Waterview $5.00 $5.00
50 amp $8.00 $8.00
Inside Fireplace - in season $1.00 per day $1.00 per day
Inside Fireplace - off season $3.00 per day $3.00 per day
Firewood $7.00 per bundle or 3 for $18.00.
No outside firewood permitted on the grounds.

Due to the devastation caused by the Asian Longhorned Beetle and Emerald Ash Bore Beetles, we are complying with the requests from the CT D.E.P and the U.S.D.A by not allowing anyone to transport firewood into our campground. We need to protect our trees. Campfire wood is available at our Park for a reasonable fee and is safe. Please visit

Additional Person & Visitor Fees
May 1, 2021 - November 1, 2021

Adults are persons over 17 years of age. Children are persons between 5 and 17 years of age.

Additional Persons / Visitors Adult: $10.00 / Senior or Child: $5.00 per day *
Additional Persons / Visitors - Holiday Adult: $10.00 / Senior or Child: $5.00 per day *
Car Fee / Overnight Visitor or Extra Car $5.00 per night

All occupants of the campground must be registered at all times.
Visitor and Guest fees do apply daily. Visitors and Guests leaving within 1/2 hour will be refunded.
Additional vehicles staying overnight will be charged daily vehicle rate.

Visitor Policies

Day & Night Visitors are welcome. There is a fee, and they must be registered. Please note that Stateline Campresorts is a gated community. We track all visitors to control the impact on our facilities, in order to ensure a satisfying camping experience for all of our guests.
Visitors may not bring pets.
Visitor check-in / check-out:
Day visitors must check-out by 8:30 PM or lose deposit and pay additional fees.
Overnight visitors must check-out at office by 11:00 AM. No visitors allowed entry after 9:00 PM.

General Terms

Check-in Time: 3:00 PM - Please note: NO check-ins after 9:00PM. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Check-out Time: 11:00 AM (Daily rate charged for late departure.)
Reservations: Due to the seasonal nature of our business there will be no refunds on any reservation (sites and/or rentals). You may however move your reservation to a different date based on availability. Credits do not expire. A 100% deposit is required on all reservations.
Rules and Regulations: Rules and regulations are posted on this website and given out at time of registration. Most sites have a greywater facility. We reserve the right to substitute sites if necessary.

Click here for Seasonal Camping Rates & Inquiries

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Camping Reservation Request Form
Reservations also taken year round at (860) 774-3016.

You can now make your Stateline Campresort reservation requests online … for your choice of campsite. Simply complete the form below. Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until it has been confirmed, and a reservation cannot be confirmed until your deposit or payment in full has been processed and authorized. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. We will contact you within 24 hours via either e-mail or telephone to confirm availability and to obtain a credit card number to secure your reservation. If you need to confirm your reservation immediately or would like to make a reservation for an arrival within less than 48 hours, please call us at (860) 774-3016 during normal business hours. Full payment must be made at time of reservation. If space is not available, we will contact you via e-mail. If you prefer, you may print this page after completing the form. The completed form may then be mailed to us with payment in full.

Stateline Campresort accepts Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

* = Required fields.
Please complete the entire form before pressing the “Submit” button!

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Reservation Request
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Holiday Weekends are a 3 night minimum stay.
RV's are normally rented by the week;
however, shorter periods are sometimes available.
(Additional Fees Apply)
(Charges included in 50-amp campsite fee.)
Type of site required:
Deposits: Payment in full is due at time of reservation.
Refunds: Due to the seasonal nature of our business and limited availability of sites, there will be no refunds on any reservation (sites and/or rentals) on a major holiday weekend. A 100% deposit is required on all reservations, with a 70% refund on sites granted with 7 days’ prior notice (30% is forfeited) and a 70% refund on rental units granted with 30 days’ prior notice (30% is forfeited).
Please confirm that you have read and agree to abide by
the payment, cancellation, and refund policies which are outlined above,
as well as our complete resort rules & regulations.
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