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Do you enjoy the camping experience at Stateline?
Consider becoming a seasonal camper!

Stateline Campresort is a full amenity family campground and outdoor resort, offering camping on the beautifully wooded shoreline of a fresh water lake in the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut, right on the Rhode Island state line. In addition to Full Hookup Campsites, our Main Lodge houses an All-ages Entertainment Center, Café, Camp Store, Laundry Facilities, Internet access, and more. Adjoining the campground’s Main Lodge is an open Pavilion, which, in turn, is overlooked by a spectacular swimming pool – with a pool slide for children – and patio complex. If this is your idea of the best in family camping, why haul your rig throughout the course of the season? Become a Seasonal Camper at Stateline. You will save money and be assured of not missing a moment of the fun! Seasonal campers receive discounts on guests/visitors and firewood.

Kids having fun
Dressed up doggies
Feasting on something
2023 Seasonal Camping Rates
May 1, 2023 - November 1, 2023

Stateline Campresort accepts Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

We are a Good Sampark
We are a Good Sam Park
Rates are based upon 4 people (2 adults and 2 children or 3 adults).
Includes water, 10 pump-outs, wi-fi, and a greywater galley. Electric not included.
Full Season
Seasonal Site Base Rate $5,200.00
50-amp electric service receptacle $600.00
Waterfront $500.00
Additional adult $125.00
Additional child $75.00
Winter storage (Trailer) $450.00
Winter storage (Deck) $100.00
Winter storage (Deck and Personal Items) $200.00
Cable $300.00
Honey Wagon $25.00 / $60.00 holidays (Emergencies Only)
Dogs $50.00 per dog (2 dog maximum with any “new” signed contract effective January 2022)
Monthly Rates
Monthly rates are based upon 30 days.
May $700.00
June $800.00
July $1,400.00
August $1,400.00
September $800.00
October $700.00

Major Holiday Weekend rate may apply.

Seasonal & Monthly Reservations & Deposits

A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a site for the following year. Gate card and clean-up deposits will also be required. Gate card and clean-up deposits are refundable; however, a clean-up deposit will be forfeited in the event that the site is not left in its original condition, if not better, when vacated.

Gate Card Deposit $50.00 per card (maximum of 2 cards)
Clean-Up Deposit $200.00

Due to the devastation caused by the Asian Longhorned Beetle and Emerald Ash Bore Beetles, we are complying wih the requests from the CT D.E.P and the U.S.D.A by not allowing anyone to transport firewood into our campground. We need to protect our trees. Campfire wood is available at our Park for a reasonable fee and is safe. Please visit

Additional Person & Visitor Fees
May 1, 2023 - November 1, 2023
Adults are persons over 17 years of age. Children are persons between 5 and 17 years of age.

Additional Persons / Visitors Adult: $7.50 / Senior or Child: $5.00 per day *
Car Fee / Overnight Visitor or Extra Car $5.00 per night

All occupants of the campground must be registered at all times.
* Visitor and Guest fees do apply daily. Visitors and Guests leaving within 1/2 hour will be refunded.
Additional vehicles staying overnight will be charged daily vehicle rate.

Visitor Policies

Day & Night Visitors are welcome. There is a fee, and they must be registered. Please note that Stateline Campresorts is a gated community. We track all visitors to control the impact on our facilities, in order to ensure a satisfying camping experience for all of our guests.
Visitors may not bring pets.
Visitor check-in / check-out:
Day visitors must check-out by 8:30 PM before the store closes or you will forfeit your deposit. (Deposit required and will be returned upon 8:30 PM departure.) Overnight visitors must check-out at office by 11:00 AM. No visitors allowed entry after 9:00 PM.

General Terms

Check-in Time: 3:00PM - Please note: NO check-ins after 9:00PM.
Check-out Time: 11:00 AM
(Daily rate charged for late departure.)
Reservations: Due to the seasonal nature of our business there will be no refunds on any reservation (sites and/or rentals). You may however move your reservation to a different date based on availability. Credits do not expire. A 100% deposit is required on all reservations.
Payment: Most credit cards accepted. Full payment must be made at time of reservation. All payments are non-refundable as per the Seasonal Camping Agreement. There is no use of the site or facilities until site is paid in full. RCI DBA as Stateline Campresort is not responsible for loss of time due to weather (act of God) and/or should the campground be ordered closed by the Governor of CT, local town officials, up to and including the Health Department or CDC.
Rules and Regulations: Rules and regulations are posted on this website and given out at time of registration. Most sites have a greywater facility. We reserve the right to substitute sites if necessary.

Click here for Camping Rates & Reservations

Click here for Cabin & Cottage Rates & Reservations

Seasonal Camping Reservation Request Form
Reservations also taken year round at (860) 774-3016.

You can now inquire about a Stateline Campresort seasonal campsite online. Simply complete the form below. Please understand that this is strictly an inquiry regarding the availability of a seasonal site. We will contact you to arrange a tour (if you have not camped with us before) and to complete a formal written application. We will contact you within 24 hours via either e-mail or telephone to confirm availability and to make further arrangements. You may also call us at (860) 774-3016 during normal business hours. If space is not available, we will contact you via e-mail. If you prefer, you may print this page after completing the form. The completed form may then be mailed to us.

Stateline Campresort accepts Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

* = Required fields.
Please complete the entire form before pressing the “Submit” button!

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Seasonal Camping Inquiry
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(Additional Fees Apply)
Based upon 4 people (2 adults and 2 children OR 3 adults)
Includes water, electric (30-amp service), 8 pump-outs, wi-fi, and a greywater galley.
Full Season or Months Desired
Extras Desired
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