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Cabin Rentals

Stateline Campresort caters to campers, but we cater to non-campers as well. If you would like to try this outdoor recreation experience, one of our rental units may be just what you need. We have 4 classes of cabins: Rustic, Rustic Deluxe, Premium Deluxe and Premium Grand Deluxe. All our cabins are approximately 400 square feet. Premium Grand Deluxe are larger. Rustic Cabins include three rooms, a bath with shower, and sleep 6. The back room has a double bed, with a bunk in a smaller room. The kitchen / dining area includes a futon, refrigerator / freezer, TV with Cable, coffee maker, toaster, dishes, and basic cooking and cleaning utensils. Outside, there is a porch, picnic table and charcoal grill. The Rustic Deluxe Cabin includes similar amenities to Rustic cabins, but also includes an extra set of bunks, microwave, full size fridge and stove, and sleeps 8. Our Rustic Deluxe Cabin and Rustic Cabins do not include Heat or A/C, but these can be rented for a fee. Premium Deluxe Cabins have one or two bedrooms. The two bedroom units have no living room area since the extra space is taken by a second bedroom. Those styles include a queen bed, set of bunks and a storage loft. Another style, which may be better suited to couples, replaces the bunks and loft with an enlarged living room area and pull out sofa. Premium Deluxe and Premium Grand Deluxe Cabins all include A/C and heat.

NO SMOKING OR PETS are permitted at or in any of our rental units, unless renting one of our 2 available pet-friendly units. Rentals do not include linens. Wi-Fi, where available: Due to the rural nature of our property, we cannot guarantee continuous or uninterrupted Internet service. For those requiring constant Internet access, we recommend the use of a personal data card. This is a shared, open system, so please use common courtesy and minimize bandwidth use. Wi-Fi available at Café and Pavilion. Our cabin settings are private and wooded, yet still within easy access to the resort’s full range of facilities and recreational amenities. Our rental cabins truly represent the best of both worlds. Cabins offer all of the conveniences and comfort to which you are accustomed at home. Fully applianced and well appointed, it is time for you to enjoy the best in outdoor recreation and fun!

2020 Cabin Special Offer

Spring: May 1 - June 18
Fall: September 7 - October 15
All Premium Deluxe Cabins only $299 for 2 nights!
All Premium Grand Cabins only $399 for 2 nights!
2 night minimum, includes tax, based upon 4 people & 1 vehicle.
Excludes Memorial Day Weekend,
Labor Day & Columbus Day Weekends

Cabin-Style Park Model RV Classifications and Types

We offer seven Cabin styles in four different price classifications, with details outlined below. Cabins are recreational vehicles which have been designed to look and feel like a cabin, although they are in fact recreational vehicles on wheels, with hitches, placed on site and setup in a manner which is both rustic yet luxurious. All units are 400 sq. ft. (Premium Grand Deluxe Cabins are larger.) For all of these units, furnishings include a full kitchen, with sink, refrigerator, stovetop, toaster, coffee maker, and basic cooking and cleaning utensils. Units also include a full bathroom*, dining area, and outside fire ring with grate. Additional furnishings include cable TV, ceiling fan, and Wi-Fi (where available). Air conditioning and electric heat are included in all of our Premium Deluxe and Premium Grand Deluxe rental units. A/C and heaters are not included in Rustic of Rustic Deluxe Cabins but may be rented for a fee. Deluxe Rustic, Premium Deluxe, and Premium Grand Deluxe cabins also have microwave ovens. We do not provide maid service, and guests are responsible for leaving the unit in the same clean, occupancy-ready condition when they leave as they found it upon arrival. Adequate cleaning supplies are provided to clean units. All you need to bring are pillows, linens, bedding, towels, and a sense of adventure. $150.00 CASH deposit required at check-in for any damage to cabin or missing items. Refunded after inspection at check out. Sorry, but NO SMOKING in any of our rental units. NO PETS in any of our rental units, except for 2 Pet Friendly Cabins (Style #6 on Site #105), where there is an additional Pet Deposit of $400.00, paid by cash or credit card. No personal checks, please. * (Please be aware that bathrooms in our rentals do not contain the type of full-size water heater to which you may be accustomed at home. Consequently, they do not provide an unlimited supply of hot water.)

Rental Periods

Our cabins are rented for a three night minimum (Monday-Friday or Friday-Monday) or weekly (Monday-Monday or Friday-Friday). Occasionally, we can accept different arrival and departure stays. Please call (860) 774-3016 if you have any questions. Our reservation staff is available 7 days a week to help you. Note: Although the interior and exterior photos shown below are similar to each cabin style represented, they may not necessarily show the exact unit(s) as described.

Base Rates

All cabin rental rates are based upon one (1) cabin, one (1) vehicle, and a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children or 3 adults). See Additional Person & Visitor Fees if you will have more people in your party. The number of guests may not exceed the number of beds in cabins. YOU MUST NOTIFY RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE, IF YOU PLAN ON ADDING PEOPLE TO YOUR RESERVATION. NOT ALL CABINS CAN ACCOMMODATE MORE THAN 4 PEOPLE. RESERVATIONS ARE BOOKED BASED UPON THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE YOU DECLARE AT THE TIME OF BOOKING. Sorry, no pets, except in cabin #105. The base rate is $50.00 more on a Holiday Weekend for all Rental Units.

Rustic Class

Our Rustic Class Unit comes in one style as outlined below.

Weekly Rates

Prime Season: $750.00

Off Season: $480.00

3 or 4 Night Rates

Prime Season: $400.00

Off Season: $280.00

Cabin Style # 1 - Sleeps 6
Sites #103A and #104
Standard 2 bedroom cabin. Sleeps 6 people in 2 beds. Full size bed in master bedroom. Set of bunks in small second bedroom. Futon in living area sleeps 2. Tub and shower in bathroom. Farmer’s porch. Wi-Fi, where available. NO OVENS IN THESE UNITS (STOVE TOPS ONLY). Ovens available in Deluxe Rustic and Premium Grand Classes ONLY. NO heat or A/C (available for a fee).
Deluxe Rustic Class

Our Deluxe Rustic Class Unit comes in one style as outlined below.

Weekly Rates

Prime Season: $850.00

Off Season: $575.00

3 or 4 Night Rates

Prime Season: $500.00

Off Season: $350.00

Cabin Style # 2 - Sleeps 8
Site #113
Deluxe Rustic 2 bedroom cabin. Full size bed in the master bedroom. Second bedroom has a set of bunks and extra set of bunks in hallway. Futon in living area sleeps 2. Full shower & tub, full size fridge & stove, and microwave oven. Wi-Fi, where available. NO heat or A/C (available for a fee).
Premium Deluxe Class

Our Premium Deluxe Class Units come in four styles as outlined below.

Weekly Rates

Prime Season: $950.00

Off Season: $700.00

3 or 4 Night Rates

Prime Season: $550.00

Off Season: $400.00

Cabin Style # 3 - Sleeps 4
Sites #95, #95A, #96 & #103
Premium Deluxe 1 Bedroom cabin. Queen size bed in master bedroom. Full size sleeper sofa in living room. Full size tub and shower. Farmer’s porch, heat and air. Wi-Fi, where available. NO OVENS IN THESE UNITS (STOVE TOPS ONLY). Ovens available in Deluxe Rustic and Premium Grand Classes ONLY. Picnic table and fire ring.
Cabin Style # 4 - Sleeps 4
Site #109
Premium Deluxe 2 bedroom cabin. Queen size bed in the master bedroom. Set of regular bunks in second bedroom. Loft, full size shower, microwave oven, heat and air. Wi-Fi, where available. NO OVENS IN THESE UNITS (STOVE TOPS ONLY). Ovens available in Deluxe Rustic and Premium Grand Classes ONLY. Wooden deck, picnic table and fire ring.
Cabin Style # 5 - Sleeps 4-5
Sites #106, #107, & #110
Premium Deluxe 2 bedroom cabin. Queen size bed in the master bedroom. Set of bunks in second bedroom (bottom bunk is full size bed). Loft, full size shower, microwave oven, heat and air. Wi-Fi, where available. NO OVENS IN THESE UNITS (STOVE TOPS ONLY). Ovens available in Deluxe Rustic and Premium Grand Classes ONLY. Wooden deck, picnic table and fire ring.
Cabin Style # 6 - Sleeps 4
Sites #105 & #111
Premium Deluxe 1 Bedroom cabin. Queen size bed in master bedroom. Full size sleeper sofa in living room. Full size shower, microwave oven, heat and air. Wi-Fi, where available. NO OVENS IN THESE UNITS (STOVE TOPS ONLY). Ovens available in Deluxe Rustic and Premium Grand Classes ONLY. Wooden deck, picnic table and fire ring.
Premium Grand Class

Our Premium Grand Class Units comes in one style as outlined below.

Weekly Rates

Prime Season: $1,100.00

Off Season: $800.00

3 or 4 Night Rates

Prime Season: $650.00

Off Season: $500.00

Cabin Style # 7 - Sleeps 7
Sites #97 & #108
Premium Grand 2 bedroom cabin. Sleeps 7 people in 5 beds. Queen size bed in the master bedroom. Second bedroom has 3 single bunks and 1 double bunk. Full shower heat and air. Wi-Fi where available.

Due to the devastation caused by the Asian Longhorned Beetle and Emerald Ash Bore Beetles, we are complying with the requests from the CT D.E.P and the U.S.D.A by not allowing anyone to transport firewood into our campground. We need to protect our trees. Campfire wood is available at our Park for a reasonable fee and is safe. Please visit

Additional Person & Visitor Fees
April 15, 2020 - October 15, 2020
Adults are persons over 17 years of age. Children are persons between 5 and 17 years of age.

Additional Persons / Visitors Adult: $10.00 / Senior or Child: $5.00 per day *
Additional Persons / Visitors - Holiday Adult: $10.00 / Senior or Child: $5.00 per day *
Car Fee / Overnight Visitor or Extra Car $5.00 per night

All occupants of the campground must be registered at all times.
Visitor and Guest fees do apply daily. Visitors and Guests leaving within 1/2 hour will be refunded.
Additional vehicles staying overnight will be charged daily vehicle rate.
There is only 1 vehicle per cabin to be parked per site. There is additional parking in the main lots.

Visitor Policies

Day & Night Visitors are welcome. There is a fee, and they must be registered. Please note that Stateline Campresorts is a gated community. We track all visitors to control the impact on our facilities, in order to ensure a satisfying camping experience for all of our guests.
Visitors may not bring pets.
Visitor check-in / check-out:
Day visitors must check-out by 8:30 PM in the office or lose deposit
AND pay additional fees. Fees refunded if stay is less than 30 minutes.
Overnight visitors must check-out at office by 11:00 AM. No visitors allowed entry after 9:00 PM.

General Terms

Check-in Time: 3:00PM - Please note: NO check-ins after 9:00PM.
Check-out Time: 11:00 AM
(Daily rate charged for late departure.)
Cancellations & Refunds:
Due to the seasonal nature of our business and limited availability of sites, there will be no refunds on any reservation (sites and/or rentals) on a major holiday weekend. There are also no refunds due to weather, facilities which may be unavailable at the time of your stay, or any other circumstances that are beyond our reasonable control. A 100% deposit is required on all reservations, with a 70% refund on sites granted with 7 days’ prior notice (30% is forfeited) and a 70% refund on rental units granted with 30 days’ prior notice (30% is forfeited). There are no discounts on Seasonal, Monthly, Spring, Summer or Fall Specials being these are already discounted (i.e., Good Sam and Military).
Rules and Regulations: Rules and regulations are posted on this website and given out at time of registration. Most sites have a greywater facility. We reserve the right to substitute sites if necessary.

Click here for Camping Rates & Reservations
Click here for Seasonal Camping Rates & Inquiries

Reservation Request Form
Reservations also taken year round at (860) 774-3016.

You can now make your Stateline Campresort reservation requests online for your choice of campsite, trailer rental, or cabin rental. Simply complete the form below. Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until it has been confirmed, and a reservation cannot be confirmed until your deposit or payment in full has been processed and authorized. For your convenience, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm availability and to obtain a credit card number to secure your reservation. If you need to confirm your reservation immediately or would like to make a reservation for an arrival within less than 48 hours, please call us at (860) 774-3016 during normal business hours. Full payment must be made at time of reservation. If space is not available, we will contact you via e-mail. If you prefer, you may print this page after completing the form. The completed form may then be mailed to us with payment in full.

Stateline Campresort accepts Discover, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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Holiday Weekends are a 3 night minimum stay.
RV's and Cabins are normally rented by the week;
however, shorter periods are sometimes available.
(Additional Fees Apply)
Deposits: Payment in full is due at time of reservation.
Refunds: Due to the seasonal nature of our business and limited availability of sites, there will be no refunds on any reservation (sites and/or rentals) on a major holiday weekend. A 100% deposit is required on all reservations, with a 70% refund on sites granted with 7 days’ prior notice (30% is forfeited) and a 70% refund on rental units granted with 30 days’ prior notice (30% is forfeited).
Please confirm that you have read and agree to abide by
the payment, cancellation, and refund policies which are outlined above,
as well as our complete resort rules & regulations.
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